Rigid Strander
Type JLK-630/6+12+18
(Batch Loading)
Application :
The machine is used to strand long bare aluminum wire and bare copper wire in wire & cable industry.
The bobbins are fixed separately in 4 equal positions on the circumference of the stranding cage to make it easy for loading and unloading. It features high rigidity, good integrity, and small inertia of rotation but high running speed.
The machine is complete with 36-stage transmission gearbox, twin motorized dual haul-off device. Wire-divider wheel is applied in a natural way to prevent wire from scratching during stranding.
Pay-off tension is controlled by pneumatic and mechanical tensioner to ensure uniform tension in full or empty bobbin.
In addition, the running machine stops instantaneously on wire breakage monitored by the unique automatic detector provided on each bobbin.
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