Lead Sheathing Extruder
TYPE YQL-150/100
Application and Features :
This machine is used to apply lead sheathing to cables or vulcanize rubber tube for the production of cables.
Outer diameter of lead layer can be made between ∮30 and ∮100mm, to be achieved by two sets of extruding modules, one at diameter of ∮30~∮70mm, another one at ∮40~∮100mm. Users can choose either of them.
With a screw to feed lead, it is possible to achieve continuous extrusion, so thickness of lead layer keeps constant and even in longitudinal direction.
In addition, unique design for strict control of temperature in every section makes temperature and extrusion pressure constant at each section. Thus thickness of lead layer can be controlled within a minimal common difference. Consumption of lead is 10% less than that of intermittent lead pressing machine.
Environment friendly design. The melting furnace, the purifying & holding furnace, and lead conveyor all work in an enclosed system. In addition, as temperature of molten lead is relatively low, distribution of steam is greatly minimized.
A small area is needed for the machine, which is easy to operate, low in labor intensity, as only two operators are needed for the machine.
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