Copper Rod Breakdown Machine
TYPE LHD 450/13T
Application and Features :
Copper rod breakdown machine Type LHD450/13T works to draw copper rod into single wire.
Copper rod is put into the rod breakdown machine via the pay-off stand, through which it is drawn into wire and is delivered from the final capstan, which passes the wire to the annealer where it is softened, and then spooled into the dual spooler.
Of the latest design, the machine adopts straight row slip continuous drawing, with capstans submerged in the emulsion, provided with lubrication system and cooling & circulating system.
When drawing hard copper wire, the machine can achieve a maximum linear speed of 25m/sec. while working in conjunction with the continuous annealer it can achieve a maximum linear speed of 18m/sec. and is able to keep the annealing pulleys (upper and lower and haul-off pulley) running in synchronization with the final capstan of the rod breakdown machine.
This machine is an electrical and mechanical combination, with PLC to perform control over the whole line, where the mechanical performance is well matched with the electrical system in terms of speed to make it possible to achieve quick change of dies and fully automatic pneumatic shift of bobbins without stopping the machine. The production process is displayed on the color screen man-machine interface, and inquiry, adjustment and control are achieved through dialogue between man and machine. It has advantages such as easy operation, high productivity, and good quality of product.
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